Work in Progress..

[] Andddd got lazy again..
[] Update: CSGO Custom Text 2.0b rc 2.0 released (feedback).
[] New Release: CSGO Custom Text 2.0b rc 1.1 is ready for testing! report any issues/improvements here.
[] Awkward moment when I just realized I never released autoexec 2.0 when its been done since late 2014.. whoops, however it's probably not worth messing with since it requires some abut of control tweaking. Also 3.0 should be coming soon which will be a more streamlined release.
[] Optimizing & Tweaking..
[] Temp links to: bf2 localization 3.0.1, csgo custom text 1.0, autoexec 1.2, autoexec 1.0, autoexec 0.9 & autoexec 0.8
[] Note: Nothing works right now, slowly pushing out temp pages.
[] Polishing the front end..
[] Hang tight, things are actually happening!

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